best apps for Mac

6 Mac Apps to Improve Working Productivity

best apps for Mac
best apps for Mac

The growth of the technology can help us to simplify the jobs. This way, we can improve the productivity in completing our job. Especially for Mac users, there are some applications that can help them to improve the productivity. If we can select the best apps, of course we can save our energy, time, and budget in order to do a lot of jobs in less time.

So, what are the Mac Apps that can ease and simplify our job? Here are some recommendation of apps for Mac and iOS device that can increase the user’s productivity.

  • Todoist.

Todoist is available not only for Mac but also all iOS devices. This application serves as note-taking as well as organization app that can help the users to keep on top all of the jobs and projects. Todoist is suitable for personal and professional job. It consists of many features that are free to use. For instance, it offers task creation, browser extensions, as well as interactive boards.

  • 1Password

This application is suitable for the forgetful person. You may not realize how many times you recall your password to log into your various accounts in a day. So, with this app, you will be able to save and remember all of your passwords. This application can save many passwords in one place. This way, you will be able to get your password and log into your favorite site just with a single click.

  • Bear

Bear is a kind of note taking app. This app is designed to ease all of Mac users to jot down their notes on the go. Bear can help Mac users to make a to-do lists, reminders, and also outline concept. The users are allowed to customize the notes according to your personal preference. Bear is available for free for the core version. But, for more features, you can purchase the premium version with just $14.99 per year.

  • Hazel

Hazel is developed by Noodlesoft. This app is a tool with automatic organization that is designed for Mac. This app can help Mac users to organize their files based on the custom rules they want to create.

  • Alfred.

It is all in one app that is designed to save the Mac users by creating Mac Shortcuts as well as custom actions. The users are allowed to use this app in various ways. As an example, the users can access Alfred clipboard memory. This way the users do not need to copy and paste the same material over and over. The users are also allowed to set the custom workflow in order to automate the repetitive tasks.

  • TextExpander.

Implied by its name, this application allows the users to type the snipped of the text. Then, this application will expand the text automatically. This app can save much more time and energy. You do not need to type thousands word in order to create a text. You just need to type a unique abbreviations and this app will expand it into longer text.

Those are six Apps for Mac that can be used to save your time since it can increase the users’ productivity.

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