Macbook tricks to simplify your task

Basic MacBook Tricks that can Simplify Your Task

Macbook tricks to simplify your task
Macbook tricks to simplify your task

For those who just use MacBook Pro for the first time, they may be confused with MacBook Pro user interface. Especially when they have used Windows for a long time. Using MacBook Pro can be very difficult. That is why, MacBook users have to find out Mac Tricks or Mac Hacks that can make their job easier.

The useful Mac guide below will able to assist you to use Macbook Pro more efficient. Check this out.

  • Tweet or Share any text immediately.

Perhaps you are still doing something important. But in the same time, you have to email your boss. Besides, you may need to tweet any text. If you are too lazy to open your email or Twitter account, you just need to right click the highlighted text and start sharing it via iMessage, email, twitter, or Facebook.

  • Paste any text without formatting.

If you want to copy and paste some text from Wikipedia but you do not need to waste your time to fix the text into Times New Roman size 12, you just need to press Command + Shift + V.

  • Use Calculator function.

The most favorite Macbook features for Mac users are SpotLight. That is not an ordinary search function for Mac. This feature has many hidden tricks. For instance, you can calculate without opening calculator. You just need to type the numbers you want to calculate. Then, the answer will appear below.

  • Turn on Macbook into WiFi Hotspot.

You can turn your laptop into a WiFi. This way, you can share MacBook Internet with others. In order to turn on the WiFi function, you can try this following steps: System Preference – Sharing – Click Internet Sharing – Ethernet – WiFi.

  • Adjust the screen colors.

MacBook users are able to invert the screen’s color. This way, they can adjust the brightness of the screen when they are working at night or in a sunny day. So, they can save their eyes. In order to invert Colors of Mac screen, you can do this following steps: Setting – Keyboard – Shortcuts – Accessibility. After that, you can press Command + Option + Control + 8.

  • Free up the Mac memory to speed up the system.

In some condition, your computer may get slow. All Mac users must hate this. You can free up the computer memory to make it work fast as usual. To do this trick, you can open Terminal Application. Then, type the word Purge in the command line. By doing this, you will be able to free up 500 MB at least.

  • Find some information quickly.

When you want to find out certain information but you are too lazy to google it, you can do this trick. Just place your mouse on the text you want to find the meaning. Then, you should press Command + Control + D. Surprisingly; the pop up containing the explanation from Thesaurus, Dictionary, and Wikipedia will appear.

Those are some tricks you can do dealing with your MacBook. If you want make your Mac screen more beautiful and cool, you can change Macbook wallpaper.

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