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Mac Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity

Mac shortcut
Mac shortcut

In order to work faster, using some Mac Apps is not enough. You also need to master some shortcuts to work smarter and faster. Using some shortcuts will be useful when you are in a busy day. Having a second is an important time in order to complete your job quickly. Also, using some shortcuts helps you to avoid wasting time when you use keyboard and mouse manually.

So, understanding Mac shortcuts is crucial if you want to work smarter. The shortcuts really give you an instant way to achieve your task faster than trifling on the keypad and mouse. You need to remember that using some shortcuts can save you mush time and energy.

Most people may only know some shortcuts such as Command-C for copying and Command-V for paste. But, only a few Mac users know other useful shortcuts. Here we list down some shortcuts that will make your life easier.

However, thare are some points you have to take a note. First, the shortcuts listed below only corresponds to US layout keyboard. Then, the Mac users may find some difficulties when they use the console substitute routes in their Mac as the operating system. If it occurs, you need to ask for Mac help to ask about the operating system. Listed below are some helpful shortcuts for Mac.

  • Command + Shift + 3

This shortcut can be used to capture the full screen.

  • Command + Shift + 4

This shortcut is useful to take a screen capture on a selected window. It will emphasize the desired window. Then, you can tap the trackpad or mouse.

  • Command + Option + D

This shortcut can help Mac users to show or hide the dock. This shortcut is useful for Macbooks that has smaller screen.

  • Command + Q

This shortcut can be used to stop the application at a point.

  • Command + T

On Mac OS Sierra, windows can open a tab. But, all applications in Mac Sierra may not be equipped with multi tab control. With this shortcut, Mac users can open a new tab.

  • Command + R

You can use this shortcut to open up a new reply box. This shortcut will be useful when you write and receive a lot of mails. So, you can reply to their email easily without searching for the reply button.

  • Command + Spacebar.

This feature is such an amazing shortcut that Apple adds to Mac. When you are looking for something in your operating system and call for a spotlight.

  • Command + Option + ESC

In case your operating system hangs and stops working, this shortcut can be used to quit the application. This shortcut is very buseful when the touchpad or mouse cannot be used anymore.

  • Command + F

This shortcut is used when you are reading a long article then, you need to search for the specific word. So, this shortcut serves as a Find Order for finding a certain word.

Those are some useful Mac shortcuts to ease your life. Actually, there are other Mac Hacks that will be able to make your job super easy. Just find out simple Macbook Tricks that can make your MacBook more efficient and professional.

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